DELIRIUM short stories

Some of you guys were wondering about the short stories from the DELIRIUM SERIES and here they are:

Annabel PDF
Annabel (Esp.) PDF
Hana PDF
Hana (Esp.) PDF
Raven PDF
Raven (Esp.) PDF
Alex PDF  (Coming Soon)
Alex (Esp.) PDF

Let me remind you the order:
0.5 Annabel
1. Delirium
1.5 Hana
2 Pandemonium
2.5 Raven
3. Requiem
3.5 Alex

Hope you enjoy them!

2 comentarios:

  1. When are you going to post the English version of the Alex PDF? :) I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I'm getting desperate! lol

  2. is there ever going to be an English version of alex? please I am having a breakdown here I need it so desperately.