After a long research (believe me, it was long) I couldn't find most of the books in Spanish I guess you'll have to put those English classes to use.

Prequel: It Had to be You PDF
Gossip Girl PDF
Cosas de Chicas PDF
You Know you Love me PDF
Tu Sabes que me Adoras PDF 
All I Want is Everything PDF
Lo Unico que Quiero es Todo PDF 

Because I'm Worth it PDF
I like it Like That PDF
You're the one that I Want PDF
Nobody does it Better PDF
Nothing can Keep us Together PDF
Only in your Dreams PDF
Would I Lie to you PDF
Don't Forget about me PDF
I will Always Love You PDF

5 comentarios:

  1. thanks for the series, i'm poor, so this is the only way i can afford to read this books, it's not like in my country would sell them anyway, Venezuelan here. Really aprecciated of you

  2. omg i haven't noticed you put the books in spanish also, do you speak spanish?

  3. OMGOMGOMG!!! I've been looking for these books for years!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!! I'll love you forever!!! hahaah

  4. Ahora que me doy cuenta, eres colombiana.. like me!!!! Quisiera saber si has encontrado más libros de esta autora??