I am the definition of a selfcouncious person; I'm always worried about what people may think about me and I assume my predictions are accurate.

I don't dance because I think my body looks akward when i do it, and I know I can't keep up with the beat.

I don't speak because to me, my ideas sound idiotic, I don't sing because I'm "too shy" and God knows I love singing.

Most of the times I was unable to socialize with classmates, co-workers and even with my own family.

OF COURSE I UNDERSTOOD when he said he didn't dance and explained why.

I guess he didn't see how fucking amazing he was and I wasn't in a position to tell him; NOT ANYMORE ANYWAY.

I hope someday he finds the courage, I hope he finds a sexy cheerleader who would make him so happy that he forgets his fears and hit the dancefloor.

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