I've thought about posting this book for a while because I know...believe me I know!!! This is such a cliché... and yeah, it's kind of embarrassing but I did like the series.

Maybe I am one of those girls who likes romance and drama; Let's face it, what's not to like about the idea of love turning your significant other into a "prince charming" who happens to have a lot of money?

On the other hand, the books show how living in the perfect family doesn't make you perfect and even when on the surface you may look normal everything inside you is full of scars, and you stand alone in a dark place unable to let anyone in. well, that's something appealing to me, something I can easily relate to.

Finally, the character description is rich (you can get a clear idea of the each of them looks like and, after some time, you could even see their brain gear moving as the story goes on), the development of the story has a nice pace (most of the time) and the dialogues... God, the dialogues are hilarious!

Hope you enjoy reading the series 

50 Shades of Grey
50 Sombras de Grey

50 Shades Darker
50 Sombras más Oscuras

50 Shades Freed
50 Sombras Liberadas

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